About me


Hello there! James here, a Singaporean millennial. I wish to share a bit of myself and how I came about to start my own blog that gives me take on movie ratings and reviews.


As a kid, I did not simply start off with watching movies in the theater. Rather, I got interested in entertainment through watching TV shows. This consist mainly of the cartoons or Disney shows that my parents allowed me to watch while I was just a little kid. My favorites included cartoon shows such as X-Men (1992), Kim Possible (2002), The Incredible Hulk (1996), and Avatar: The Last Airbender (The Legend of Aang in Singapore) (2005).

Introduction to films

I was introduced to the contemporary western movie world in my teens. Suddenly everything was never the same. The first movie I ever watched on the big screen was Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005) which ignited my interest in the space opera franchise. From there, my movie going experience quickly expanded outwards to include many other genres of Hollywood, including animation, action, and comic book adaptations. Other genres such as thrillers, horrors on the other hand… I may get down to that in the future.

In terms of quality of acting and storylines, other countries could not compete. Though I still occasionally watch local shows on TV, I was now and forevermore hooked onto American movies. As time passed, my interest in Singapore shows became almost apathetic, and my interest in movies continued to grow. I couldn’t get enough of them but I was still forced to restrict my fascination to concentrate on my studies.


Aside from movies, I also read books based on the films they come from in my free time. Every morning, I would wake up early before going to school to read my favorite books. That was how much I enjoyed reading. Unfortunately, however, that did not include comic books, since I wasn’t introduced to it by my parents.

Recently, I also began developing an interest in writing stories, fanfictions, that stemmed from the movies that I watched. It may not sound like much I know, but it is an intriguing concept that has been gaining popularity in the past few years. I began writing crossover stories, so as to keep my imagination of the endless possibilities ignited.


With this going on, another interest began to sprout out: writing reviews. And no, I was not inspired by story-writing alone. In fact, another driving force is what pushed me to start this website. Through watching videos on YouTube, I have witnessed many YouTubers share their views and thoughts on the movies that they have watched – past, present, and future. To name a few of my favorites are the Nostalgia Critic, Chris Stuckmann, and JonTron.

Starting this website

And as though God has heard my prayers, my dad approached me with regards to starting my own website where I can share my movie reviews. And thus, he helped me with setting up this website, allowing me the chance to share my thoughts about movies.

As time goes on, I hope to expand on this platform and branch off towards making my reviews on YouTube. For now, it will just be simple baby steps. But soon, however, I hope for it to eventually go full speed ahead.

About this site

Now a little bit about this site. I hope to make it evoke a similar feeling as what you will get with the Comics Con. I plan to do movie ratings and reviews/previews, conduct the occasional interviews where possible, sell movie-related memorabilia or stuff to earn some money to keep this site going plus any other things related to movies including games and comics. I want it to be a place where all movie buff will feel comfortable visiting. That why I decided to call it Movies Con. I may not be as established as most pre-eminent critics seeing that I am just still in my teens. Nor will it be as grand as the professional sites. But I promise that what I lack in stature, I will make up for it with passion.